Connected we work!

Open source social business software to help your workforce and your partners get things done, together

Connected, we work!

Abilian is an open-source software vendor proposing innovative solutions for your enterprise or organization. We operate in the Enterprise 2.0, information management and business processes sectors.

With Abilian’s solutions, your enterprise will become more creative, reactive, open and, in one word, competitive.

Our solutions

  • Intranet 2.0
  • Social CRM
  • Collaboration
  • Enterprise Social Networking
  • Smart search and content intelligence

Why use Abilian?

To innovate and sell faster

An Enterprise 2.0 platform permits the emergence and selection of new ideas and accelerating their execution in your business plan. Connect to our Social CRM, and you’ll also be more effective in your market insertion.

To place knowledge and energy in a common space

An emerging collaborative work platform functions around the notion of business, projects and thematic groups, in a way that allows your teams to work faster and complete their projects rapidly.

To augment your collaborators' engagement

Exchanges between pairs, as well as other members of a hierarchy, reinforces the sense of belonging and the engagement of your organization's workforce.

The right information at the right time

Thanks to the activity streams, you’ll augment your coworkers’ investment, and information travels faster. Collaborative spaces will facilitate document transfer and group work surrounding projects or actionable ideas. The directory and social graph allow you to identify experts and implicate all members of your business community. Faceted search tools allow you to find useful information at the right time and within context.

Projects? Questions?

We are a small, agile team and we love sharing our knowledge and acquiring new wisdom through human contact. So don’t hesitate to contact us! We might not have the answers to ALL of your questions, but it only takes a click to ask!