Abilian Social Business Engine (SBE)

Abilian SBE is a modular and open source software platform designed to help build business applications based on emerging collaboration.

It comprises:

  • A framework, based on plugins and and event bus, which allows the deployment of applications both on a regular server and on a Cloud environment (IaaS or PaaS).

  • A large set of technical services: configuration, tools to manage users, groups and the social graph, file storage (with their metadata), tagging, indexing and search, REST API, mail, activity streams, and much more.

  • Business applications: for social networking, micro-messaging, links and documents sharing, blogs, wikis, social CRM, knowledge management, etc.

The colaborative and social Web

We are experts in a large palette of technologies and standards that form the building blocks of the collaborative and social Web: HTML5, Activity Streams, REST APIs, CMIS, OpenSocial, etc.

Web APIs

All our products are developped API first, meaning all their features are available through REST API, ready to be consumed by mobile apps, rich web clients, or integration services.

Mobiles et tablets

Our products are mobile ready thanks to both the use of responsive design for their user interface, and the extensive use of REST APIs.