Abilian supports its clients in the development of social and collaborative business applications based on the technologies we develop.

We thus provide professional services - consulting, specific developments, configuration, training - around our platform, in collaboration and not in substitution of integrators and management consulting firms.

We also offer support, maintenance, and turnkey applications in cloud mode, on a subscription basis.


If you have a project, but it is not yet well framed, either in its functional or technological aspects: we can help you to structure your ideas, in the fields of emerging collaboration, open source, collaborative development, etc.


On the basis of our platform, we assist our customers and partners in the implementation of innovative projects in the field of emerging collaboration and social networks.

Support and maintenance

We offer support and maintenance contracts:

  • Support: Ensuring that you get answers to all technical questions about the platform according to an SLA, whether in the development or support phase.

  • Maintenance: assurance to obtain corrective measures in case of problems identified on the software, for a contractually fixed period of time.


We offer pre-configured business instances of our platform as a cloud service (SaaS). With the cloud, you focus on your business, we take care of the technical side!


Our training catalog is based on our many years of experience on the open source technologies we use on a daily basis.

Research and development

Based on our platform and in our areas of expertise, we are open to collaborations on R&D projects.