Publication of the roadmap of the European Alliance for Industrial Data, Edge and Cloud

Par: Abilian 06/07/2023 R&D Tous les articles

The European Alliance for Industrial Data, Edge and Cloud Computing has just published the first version of its roadmap. Abilian is one of the contributors.

The roadmap provides a collective vision of the technology areas and related activities that require strategic investment to enable the joint development and deployment of competitive, secure, reliable and climate-neutral cloud and edge services across Europe to build the next-generation cloud-edge continuum. In addition, this document provides an up-to-date description of the main European initiatives, associations, standards and open source projects in the field of edge services and cloud computing. It also includes an analysis of the opportunities and challenges of digital sovereignty.

This document is a complete overhaul of the document that was published two years ago by a different organisation.

The document is very pro-open source, as can be seen from this passage in the introduction:

As Commissioner Thierry Breton has stated: "in the digital decade, Open Source will be a key element of Europe's resilience and digital sovereignty". It contributes to reducing barriers to market entry and improving costs, increasing market competition and technological neutrality. According to the 2020-2023 strategy for open source software and the 2021 study on the impact of open source software on the EU economy, open source software enables an approach to cloud computing that balances its benefits and risks. It minimises vendor lock-in and gives Europe the opportunity to create and maintain its own independent digital approach and retain control of its processes, information and technology, fostering an open ecosystem around sustainable joint innovation. In line with the approach set out in the new standardisation strategy presented by the European Commission in early February 2022, new developments should use and produce implementations of open standards.

Abilian is proud to contribute to this roadmap and to participate in the construction of an open and sovereign European cloud computing ecosystem, notably through the Nua and Hyper Open X projects.